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The content of the website is subject to copyright protection and may only be used for private and non-commercial purposes, and for individual use only. The content must not be copied, modified, displayed or otherwise transmitted or distributed without the explicit consent of TOP SPORT EVENTS d.o.o., OIB 97559439753, Vrtače 16, 51216 Viškovo (hereinafter referred to as “TOP SPORT EVENTS Ltd.”). The provided brief information is subject to change over time and serves for informational purposes only.

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However, TOP SPORT EVENTS Ltd. Grants you the right to save and duplicate materials. Photographs, graphics, and other files, if the author is not specified in the file, may be saved and reproduced only with the evidence of “© TOP SPORT EVENTS Ltd.”.

Warranty and liability

TOP SPORT EVENTS Ltd. Aims to provide complete and accurate information on this website. TOP SPORT EVENTS Ltd. Does not assume any responsibility or guarantee for the accuracy, correctness, and completeness of the information published on this website. TOP SPORT EVENTS Ltd. Does not assume any responsibility for the contents of websites to which links are directly or indirectly referred on this website.

Personal Data

Personal data refers to information that can directly (via a name) or indirectly (via a pseudonym) identify you. Personal data includes information such as email addresses, home addresses, mobile phone numbers, personal identification numbers, and more. Personal data can also include numerical identifiers such as IP addresses of computers, MAC addresses of mobile phones, or cookies.

You have the right to request confirmation whether we are processing data and, if so, gain access to that information. A request for access to information can be submitted via the email address,, or in writing to the company’s registered address.   

Personal Data Protection

The protection of personal data is of special interest to TOP SPORT EVENTS Ltd. The privacy policies are designed to clearly and simply explain the type of data we collect, how long we collect it for, why we collect it, and who can access them. The data we collect is used in accordance with these Policies.

We process personal data within the European Economic Area. We take all necessary organizational and technical measures to ensure the security and protection of your personal data, safeguarding them from loss, destruction, alteration, forgery, manipulation and/or unauthorized access. We commit to notifying you and the relevant authorities in case of a breach of your personal data. We take steps to ensure that the data we collect and process comply with the provisions of these Policies and the requirements of the law.  

Sharing Personal Data

Depending on the purpose of collection, we may share the collected personal data with third parties that assists us in providing digital services, technical supports, and legal advice. If we share personal data with third parties, we use appropriate legal and technical mechanisms to protect your data from breaches.

Right to Rectification of Innacurate or Incomplete Information and Data

If the collected data is inaccurate and/or outdated, you have the right to request correction of the data from us. You can submit a request for correction through the email address or by sending a written request to the company’s registered address. In certain cases, you have the right to request data erasure, commonly referred to as the “right to be forgotten”. Please note that the right to be forgotten is not an absolute right. In other words, we have the right to refuse a data erasure request if we have a legitimate interest and/or legal obligation and/or right to certain data. One can submit a request for data erasure through the email or address listed above. To process your request, we have the right to verify your identity.    

Right To Revocate Consent

When the processing of personal data is based on your consent, you have the right to withdraw that consent at any time. The withdrawal of consent does not affect the legality of the processing based on the consent given before its withdrawal. You can withdraw your consent by using the following email address,, or by sending a written request to the company’s registered address.  

Web Browsing

The official website of CRO Race uses so-called cookies and similar technologies. The purpose of cookies is to ensure the proper functioning of the website and to improve our service to make it more efficient. Cookies are small text files that can be stored on computer and are used by web browser. Information collected through cookies and similar technologies may include data about login, location, IP address, browser information, device information, duration of visits, ads you’ve browsed, pages you visited, and more. Most of the cookies we use are session cookies that are deleted when a browser session ends. There are also some persistent cookies with which aloud us to recognize you as a visitor. It is within your rights to disable cookies in your Internet settings.   

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